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Corporate Social Responsibility

Do Good, Feel Great
Corporate Social Responsibility practice at PT Duta Intidaya Tbk isn’t just obligation. The company sees it as exciting opportunity for always do good that bring postive impact to the community in sustainable way.
Company contribution to the community forcused on: Workplace, Customer Responsibly, Environment, and Community


1. Diversity and Equal Opportunity
2. Learning and Development
3. Reward and Recognition
4. Employee Engagement
5. Health and Safety


1. Customer Engagement
2. Customer Data Privacy
3. Products and Services
4. Supply Chain Risk Management


1. Compliance
2. Staff Awarness
3. Office Utilities
4. Office Waste
5. Warehouse Utilities
6. Warehouse Waste
7. Energy - Efficient Transport
8. Manufacturing


1. Donation and Manufacturing
2. Community Development and Volunteering